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Dr. Beckenstein is a board-certified and fully-credentialed plastic surgeon who completed fellowships and residencies around the country.

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Low level laser therapy... a non surgical approach to hair loss.

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EXPERIENCE is very important for any procedure you are considering. Dr. Beckenstein has the most experience of anyone in Alabama with Neograft technology.

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Neograft Hair Replacement Birmingham

Hair transplantation has been revolutionized
in Alabama by Birmingham Neograft.

Welcome to Birmingham Neograft! Here you learn all about our unique and unparalleled approach to hair loss including the use of Neograft technology. At our Alabama hair restoration practice we use the latest technology and medical advances to diagnose and treat your hair loss. We are Alabama’s first and most experienced with Neograft. Feel free to look around and learn all about us. If you have any questions, just click contact us on the menu and we will be in touch shortly!

See why men and women from Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia have chosen us for their Neograft hair restoration.
Hair transplantation, in Birmingham, Alabama has been forever changed by the introduction of Neograft by board certified plastic surgeon, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. Neograft technology eliminates the removal of a strip of scalp that traditional methods of hair restoration require to obtain hair follicles to transplant. The removal of this strip of scalp requires the surgical closure of this scalp defect with sutures or staples. This creates a permanent scar that can be quite noticeable and post operative discomfort. Potential complications such as wound separation, infection and occasional numbness can occur as well. Neograft technology harvests individual hair follicles without the scalp incision, which eliminates the discomfort, scarring, and complications associated with the strip. Patients do not require pain medication and are up and around, returning to normal activity a lot sooner than those having traditional procedures. Neograft allows for more hair to be transplanted in a single session, which is more cost effective. We have transplanted over 3000 grafts in one procedure! Neograft is readily available for men and women who suffer from noticeable hair loss. This process can also be used for other reconstructive purposes, restoration of eyebrows, mustaches and beards. For those considering hair replacement in Birmingham, Alabama Neograft is an excellent option.

We at Birmingham Neograft use a unique and unparalleled approach to your hair loss and not found anywhere in the South East. We perform a thorough, comprehensive hair loss evaluation and have a team of specialists available to treat any medically treatable causes of your hair loss. The addition of our computer analysis allows us to make qualitative analyses of your donor hair density, hair shaft width and quality, recipient density, and to monitor the progress of your treatments. Dr. Beckenstein has brought low level laser therapy into his Alabama hair restoration practice and is used to treat early hair loss and to enhance the results of your hair replacement. We are also pleased to announce the addition of Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing: complete hair simulation through micrpopigmentation to our practice. We are the only practice in Alabama to offer this comprehensive, combination approach to hair restoration.

Dr. Beckenstein is a board certified plastic surgeon who has both the training and experience in designing and executing hair replacement to create natural looking hair for you. He is a member of the International Society of hair restoration Surgery (ISHRS), the American Society of Hair Restoration (ASHR), The American Society of plastic surgery (ASPS), and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). He and his carefully assembled team have the most experience, with Neograft compared to anyone in the state of Alabama. While other newer centers with new “surgeons” are just starting to navigate the learning curve, Birmingham Neograft has not only mastered it, we are in the stage of continued innovation as we strive for better and better results for our male and female patients. We will always be Alabama’s first and most experienced Neograft provider!

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Bill's Story
Bill's Story